Private English Courses in Malta

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A private English Course is the course of choice for highly motivated English students who are interested in achieving great progress within a limited time-frame. A One-to-One English Course provides students with the most opportunity to practice their spoken English. Furthermore, students who book One-to-One Courses can follow a course of English studies that is suited to their exact needs and requirements. A One-to-One Course provides a student with the opportunity to progress at their own pace, be it fast or slow. As these private courses offer students the teacher’s undivided attention, they also provide the most opportunity for correction of a student’s English, irregardless of whether their errors are in pronunciation or grammar.

A private English course is also an ideal choice for the more reserved English student who needs to build confidence in speaking English. While the best solution for learning English rapidly, the One-to-One Course is by its very nature, the least sociable of all the courses available. However, a few English language schools in Malta do offer semi-private courses to students of a similar level who book together.

The most intensive course a student can book is an Immersion English Course. Sometimes also called a Home Tuition Course, these courses offer students the unique opportunity to live and learn English in their teacher’s home. While packages differ from school to school, we define an Immersion Course as one which offers a minimum of 25 contact hours with the English teacher. By taking English lessons in the teacher’s home, students have the luxury of not traveling to school each day. More importantly, Immersion English students are provided with a maximum opportunity to practice their English in a natural setting throughout the day. Students who book such a Home Tuition Course have the additional luxury of selecting the intensity of the course as well as the total number of lesson hours. Contact us if you have any questions or you would like us to help you find a course suited to your needs.