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A small rock of an island wedged between Gozo and Malta, Comino is often described as the 'best kept secret in the Meditteranean'. Populated by a handful of people and renowned for the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon, Comino is an unspoilt paradise and an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday far from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Now a Nature Reserve, the little rocky island Comino has served over the centuries as a pirate stronghold, military barracks and hospital. These days, the bulk of visitors to Comino are day trippers who make their way here on everything from kayaks, private pleasure boats and large ferries. As such, Comino is extremely busy during July and August, particularly so at the weekend.

Approaching Comino from Malta, your first sight of the island is that of a rocky, barren garigue landscape and is quite unimpressive. However, your boat will soon pass beneath Comino's limestone cliffs and those taking the trip with a small luzzu (or traditional Maltese boat) will be treated with a tour of the caves that punctuate the coastline.

The first bay that most tourists will set eyes on is Santa Marija Bay and it's tree lined sandy beach. A picturesque spot, the beach is backed by a public camping ground that is served by a couple of rather grotty toilets. The west of the bay is home to the Comino Hotel, the only hotel in Comino. Amongst the rocky boulders to the east of the bay you will find the entrance to a tunnel. This leads to Santa Marija Cave which is totally enclosed by the surrounding cliffs.

Just behind Santa Marija Bay is a police station originally built as an outpost by the Knights in the 18th century. Here you will find a path leading to a road lined with oleander trees that will take you to a little chapel topped by three bells. Simple in design and typical of medieval vernacular architecture in Malta, the church was first built in 1618 and is mysteriously called, 'Our Lady's Return from Egypt'. Services are still held here at the weekend.

Just to the west of Santa Marija Bay is Saint Nikolaw Bay and the drop-off and pick-up point for visitors aboard the Comino Ferry. Saint Nikolaw Bay is just a short walk from the most spectacular attraction in Comino - the Blue Lagoon. This sheltered cove is situated between the west end of Comino and the islet of Cominotto. The water here is a glimmering torquise blue - an effect produced by the reflection from the white sand bed between the two islands. In the summer, the east and west ends of the bay are cordoned off to provide a safe swimming and snorkelling area for bathers. There are very few facilities for tourists in the Blue Lagoon but you will find kiosks serving food and cold drinks and a public toilet. To the west of the Blue Lagoon is the lesser known Crystal Lagoon. A deep lagoon surrounded by cliffs and with just a small jetty for boats, the waters here are as clear as the name suggests and the spot is excellent for snorkelling and diving.

From the Blue Lagoon, you'll be able to see St Mary's Tower, a squat structure standing on an outcrop to the west of Comino. Built by the Knights of St John it was once part of a network of coastal defences that served to protect the Maltese islands from invasion. To the east of St Mary's Tower is another relic from this era, St Mary's Battery. A semicircular gun platform overlooking the sea, the battery is the best preserved example of the dozens of 17th century batteries built by the Knights to reinforce Malta's coastal defences

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