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Floriana was built as a suburb of Valletta in the 17th century to enhance Valletta's fortifications. Boasting few attractions except a a handful of historic buildings, Floriana draws few visitors except those with a cultural inclination. Floriana's most important feature for tourists is Pinto Wharf - the arrival and departure point for ferries to Sicily.

Floriana owes its existence to the threat of the Ottoman Turks. In 1634, an Italian engineer, Pietro Paolo Floriani was brought to Malta to advise the Knights of St John over the state of the islands fortifications. He suggested building a suburb on the plains just outside the capital which would effectively obscure the enemy's line of vision into Valletta. Fortifications extending over 4km were completed in 1721 and the next year, Floriana was officially given the name of Borgo Vilhena. Nevertheless, the residents of Floriana continued to call the town after Floriani, the engineer who had created it and the name never stuck.

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