Ghar Dalam Cave

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Malta's most important paleontological site, Ghar Dalam is a massive cave situated in Birzebugga. Ghar Dalam provides the earliest evidence of human settlement on the islands of Malta and Gozo. Some 7,400 years ago, this huge cave provided home and shelter to the first settlers on the island. Although the cave extends to 144 metres deep, only the first 50 metres are open to visitors who can see the cave itself and the adjacent museum. Ghar Dalam Cave (meaning 'cave of darkness') was originally hewn out of the Lower Coralline Limestone by a river.

Ghar Dalam is important to the history of Malta because it provides evidence that the island was separated from Italy during the Ice Age. Ghar Dalam has yielded a wealth of fossil bones of pygmy elephants, dwarf hippopotami, deer, birds and other animals.

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