St Paul's Bay

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St Paul's Bay is the oldest of the villages to be found here. A traditional fishing village situated in an enclosed bay, St Paul's Bay looks out to St Paul's Island where a statue of the saint welcomes travellers approaching Malta by sea. St Paul's Bay is dear to the Maltese for it was here that St Paul was shipwrecked bringing with him the words of a new religion, Christianity. St Paul stayed in Malta for a mere 3 months but his legacy would long out-live his life. Near 2 millenium later, some 95% of the Maltese are Roman Catholic.

St Paul's Bay is also one of the oldest seaside resorts in Malta. Known to be a couple of degrees in cooler in the summer than inland areas, the popularity of St Paul's Bay as a summer destination began with a handful of Maltese who rented or bought a summer home on this side of the island. An influx of tourism in the 1970's led to the development of the area. Fortunately, the larger part of this fell on the neighbouring areas of Bugibba and Qawra with the sudden uprising of various hotels and apartment complexes. Despite this, St Paul's Bay has retained it charm.

The traditional heart of the village is the Church of the Shipwreck. Bombed in the WWII, the church is a wellknown local landmark. From the church, you will be able to see the menqa, a safe harbour used for luzzus (traditional Malta fishing boats). Heading just slightly further west and you'll see the WignaCourt Tower. One in a series of towers built by the Knights of St John, the towers provided protection from invasion by the sea. If you've got time to spare, it's worth taking a stroll west from here. Your walk will hug the coastline, taking in a traditional and somewhat slower way of life. Curving around the bay, keep to the seafront and you'll eventually come to the Bocci Club, where you're bound to see locals caught up in the enthusiasm of one of their favourite games (similar to bowls).

The pier which acts both as a waterbreaker as well as landing stage is busy in the summer. Then it is home to one large boat or another, picking up tourists for a boat cruise or a trip to Comino.

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